Burger King Survey - Online Customer Feedback Survey

Burger King Survey – Online Customer Feedback Survey

Welcome to the Burger King Survey customer satisfaction program. The Burger King survey is called MyBkexperience Survey. If you have been to any of the Burger King outlets, you know how specialized this fast-food company is. You get a receipt with an offer at the back on your first purchase. It invites you to take a survey about your first experience at the restaurant and get a coupon to use on your next visit. You can renew it for a free whopper burger or chicken sandwiches.

Burger King is an American fast-food restaurant with thousands of outlets worldwide. The company has an elaborate menu of French fries, burgers, soft drinks, milkshakes, and many others. However, it is famous for its delicious burgers.

Burger King takes customers’ feedback seriously and uses their honest opinion to improve services. Read on to find out how to participate in the Burger King online customer feedback survey and redeem your point for free food on your next visit.

What Is The Burger King Survey?

According to the Official Burger King Survey blog, Burger King’s online customer feedback survey is a satisfaction survey that gives all customers a chance to voice their opinion and experience with the company. Burger King uses that information to improve their services. On the other hand, customers get coupon codes to redeem for free food the next time they visit the restaurant.

The Burger King MyBKExperience survey takes customers only a few seconds to complete. You only need to fill in the store number and date of visit to participate in the survey. It is a very interactive process involving answering a few questions and getting rewards points.

How To Finish Burger King Survey?

Participating in the Burger King online customer feedback survey is a straightforward process. You only need an Internet-enabled device and a few minutes to spare. Of course, you should also have your receipt with you. Use the following steps to take the survey:

Locate your Burger King receipt from the previous visit and ensure you have internet access.

  1. Visit the Burger King survey page by clicking on it.
  2. Enter the restaurant number on the page that opens on your browser and click next. That number is on your Burger King receipt.
  3. Follow the instructions that follow to complete the survey. It is a questionnaire where you will answer questions on your personal experience and overall satisfaction.
  4. Submit your responses.

You will get a coupon code after completing the survey. This voucher is redeemable for free whopper sandwiches or original chicken sandwiches at Burger King outlets.

Burger King Combo Offers

Burger King has quite a few offers to entice customers and drive people to its stores. They include the following:

  • New registered app users get one free Croissan’wich, whooper, or OCS for the first purchase costing at least $3.
  • $22 family bundle consisting of 3 whoppers, three cheeseburgers, and three small French fries.
  • Two creamy Oreo cookie shakes for just $6.
  • Double whopper and small fries for $5.50
  • Snack box of a cheeseburger, eight nugget pieces, small fries, and small soft drinks for $5.
  • Medium bacon king meal consisting of bacon king, medium fries, and medium drink for $7.
  • Two whopper Jr. sandwiches and two small French fries for $5
  • Nine chicken fry pieces and large fresh fries for $4
  • Bogo Whopper – buy one, get one free.
  • Double cheeseburger, small French fries, and small soft drink for $5.
  • Large French fries for $1
  • Giant onion rings for $1

Source for Burger King offers: Burger King Coupons & Combo Offers

Burger King Survey Rewards

Burger king also rewards its customers in different ways. You can use these rewards to save on your next visit to the store. The most famous one is the crown points you receive when making orders on your mobile device. These are redeemable for some Burger King menu items.

Burger King also helps you celebrate your birthday. It rewards you points during your entire birthday month and other limited-time events.

Burger King Survey Rules

Not every customer that visits the Burger King stores can participate in the online customer survey. A few rules apply, and some of these can lock you out from taking the feedback survey. The following are the Burger King survey rules:

  • You must have a Burger King receipt you got on your previous visit.
  • You should be at least 18 years of age to take the survey.
  • Not be an employee of Burger King.
  • You can only use your receipt once.
  • You must be a U.S. resident.

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Burger King Survey Alternatives

Most food chain restaurants value their customer feedback and experience. Like Burger King, KFC, MCD, and many other fast-food companies conduct an online survey to improve their services. In return, the reward participants. Consider the following Burger King survey alternatives:

Where can I find the Burger King survey code?

The Burger King Survey code is available on all receipts from any Burger King store, issued after a purchase of any item on the menu. It begins with two letters followed by five numbers. That is what you will use to start the Burger King online survey.

Does Burger King give free food?

No. Burger King does not give free food but has other offers. You need to spend on some items on the menu or take an online customer feedback survey for coupons to redeem for free food.

How do you become a member of the royal perk?

Royal Park is a form of Burger King reward. It allows you to earn points that you can redeem for free food. To become a member, download the Burger King app or visit the official webpage to register and enjoy all benefits.

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